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Fire Hydrants

Fair Oaks Water District (FOWD) has strategically located fire hydrants throughout the FOWD service area for the health and safety of our customers.

Any use of a FOWD fire hydrant, including construction water, dust control, fire department training, swimming pool filling, etc., is unauthorized and requires a permit.

Fire Hydrants Maintenance Program

FOWD has established a program for the regular maintenance and operation of FOWD fire hydrants.  Per FOWD standards and specifications, FOWD-owned fire hydrants will maintain a three-foot clearance and will be painted white.  If you see a FOWD fire hydrant that needs maintenance, please contact FOWD.

Other Fire Hydrant Uses - Permit Required

FOWD requires a permit for fire hydrant use other than for emergency firefighting and FOWD purposes.  Please contact FOWD to obtain a permit.

Report Theft

FOWD requires a FOWD-approved meter and backflow device to be installed on the fire hydrant for all authorized (permit) use.  If you see a FOWD fire hydrant being used without a meter and backflow device, please contact FOWD.

FOWD Contact Information

Phone: (916) 967-5723    Email: