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Water Efficiency

Water in our region is a valuable natural resource that is always in limited supply. We ask customers to always use water efficiently. Your effort will assist in safeguarding the drinking water supply and enhancing the reliability of our water resources. FOWD water efficiency program offers services to our customers to help in using water wisely. These services include Landscape Irrigation Reviews, Toilet Rebate Program, and Public Outreach through our local schools and community events. In addition, FOWD actively participates in regional water efforts aimed at maintaining affordable and high-quality drinking water for our customers. If you want to learn more about our water efficiency program, contact our customer service department for details. Click here to view our Urban Water Management Plan.

Report Water Waste

To report any concerns of water waste or if you have any water conservation questions, please contact Fair Oaks Water District at (916) 967-5723 or by e-mail at