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Rates & Fees

The District Board of Directors adopted the current schedule of fees and charges on December 10, 2018 through approval of the 2019 District Budget.  Rates are applicable for all residential, commercial, institutional, and irrigation services within District boundaries.

Bimonthly Fixed Service Charges

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Commodity Rate 

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One CCF is equal to 100 cubic feet. 100 cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons.

Shared Metered Services

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Customers outside the District's service area will pay an additional 50% of the above water rates or as otherwise determined by FOWD. 
  •  (3) requires separation of common area and irrigation water systems with each irrigation water service billed based on meter size plus consumption
  • (4) Consumption measured by a master meter with one responsible party in billing for the master meter
  • (5) Each connection will be billed a fixed service charge based on meter size plus consumption with one responsible party in billing for the account

New 2019 Business Fees

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Other 2019 Fees

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Dedicated Fire Service Rates 

The dedicated fire service is a connection to water system that is specifically designed for the suppression of fire on the premises. Water used for any other purposes other than fire suppression is not authorized. Installation of an approved backflow device is required in accordance with District Resolution #97-09.

Bimonthly Service Charges
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