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Rebate Programs

Toilet Rebates Available

Rebate levels depend on funding available.  Due to the overwhelming participation of our customers in their conservation efforts, funds can be depleted quickly.  If you are interested in a toilet rebate, complete our 2021 Toilet Rebate Application now!

Contact the Customer Service Department at or call (916) 967-5723 for availability status.


Smart Water Sprinkler Controller 

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller typically retails for about $220 for an eight‐zone system and $270 for a 16‐zone system, but both are being offered at a reduced rate of $75 plus tax. (Installation is not included.) Rebates are available for a limited time on a first‐come, first‐served basis until funding is exhausted. Rebate details, eligibility requirements and a link to purchase the controller are available at