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Fair Oaks Water District Corporation Yard Project Update


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                                   Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project Update

                                                                    March 1, 2023

                                                (Tom R. Gray – FOWD General Manager)


In 2006-2009 the Fair Oaks Water District (FOWD) worked with the community to develop a master plan to increase our quality of public service, accommodate internal needs and improve our presence in the Fair Oaks Village. Phase one of the plan was to invest in the development and construction of the FOWD administration building that was completed in 2009. Phase two of the plan was to invest in the renovation of our corporation yard located at 10317 Fair Oaks Boulevard. Phase two of the plan, named the FOWD Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project, has obtained County of Sacramento Planning Department approval, California Environmental Quality Act approval, Fair Oaks Community Advisory Committee approval, and is now in detailed design. This plan is consistent with FOWD having similar operations within this area for over one hundred years and represents the best value to ratepayers in meeting the mission of the FOWD.


Recently a small group requested that we immediately stop the FOWD Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project and move to some unspecified location that would be outside of the area designated as the Fair Oaks Village. In general, the FOWD response to this group was that relocating would not be a good business or financial decision for the majority of FOWD ratepayers. This group, that currently represents less than one percent of the approximately 40,000 people that we serve, is now demanding that we immediately do what they want - taking actions that are costing FOWD ratepayers money.


Though we understand the general statements that something else could be developed on the property owned by the FOWD in the Fair Oaks Village, we have thoughtfully planned and wisely invested our ratepayers’ money to remain operating at 10317 Fair Oaks Boulevard for the next hundred years.


The FOWD remains committed to responding to all with grace, kindness, and an unwavering focus on the FOWD mission.


As a reminder, the FOWD entered 2023 with the lowest water rates in the Sacramento Region and no money borrowed.


Fair Oaks Water District Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project Update