Water Quality

District water supplies meet or exceed state and federal standards for water quality. Protection of the quality of water supplies is our top priority.

The Fair Oaks Water District (FOWD) delivers water made up of approximately 90 percent treated surface water purchased from the San Juan Water District and 10 percent groundwater pumped from District owned wells. The surface water received comes from one of the highest quality water sources in the state – the American River. FOWD groundwater supplements the surface water during high demand time and system emergencies. All water provided to our customers meets or exceeds State and Federal drinking water standards.

The FOWD’s wells are of excellent water quality and are regularly sampled and confirmed to be in full compliance with drinking water standards. In addition, the Sacramento Groundwater Authority manages the American River groundwater basin and conducts a comprehensive water quality monitoring program.

The Consumer Confidence Rule

The Consumer Confidence Rule requires public water suppliers that serve the same people year-round (community water system) to provide consumer confidence reports (CCR) to their customers. These reports are also known as annual water quality reports.

The CCR summarizes detailed information regarding water sources used to serve our customers water. The annual CCRs are due to customers by July 1st of each year.

Water Flushing Program

Water system flushing is a standard industry practice used by water agencies to maintain water quality and protect public health.

To maintain water quality and remove built-up sediment in water mains, the FOWD may need to flush and remove stagnant water mains. FOWD crews complete flushing activities by releasing water at high velocities.

Flushing activities may stir up some sediment in the water system, causing temporary discolored water.

If you notice discolored water in your system:

  1. Turn on each water faucet and allow water to run until it is clear.
  2. Flush toilet.
  3. If you are still concerned or not sure, give us a call at (916) 967-5723.

Valve Exercise Program

With over 5,000 underground valves within the FOWD distribution system, it is important to maintain and exercise them on a regular basis. During emergencies, properly functioning valves help expedite repairs. During routine operations, valves allow pipelines to be isolated for preventative maintenance activities. In short, valves play a vital role in ensuring our customers receive sufficient water pressure and exceptional water quality.

The FOWD’s goal is to exercise approximately 1,000 valves annually.

Cross-Connection Program

Paying Your Bill

We offer many options for payment:

FOWD Online Payments

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Water Efficiency Program

Did you know that we offer landscape and irrigation reviews that may help you save water?

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Customer Cost of Water

Assuming the average Fair Oaks Water District customer has a 1-inch water meter and uses 500 gallons of water a day, the following would be true given the Board approved rates for 2018:

  • Customers pay approximately 3/10¢ per gallon of water delivered to their property.
  • Customers pay approximately $1.51 per day for water delivered to their property.