Conservation Campaign



Look for us in your neighborhood June 22-26, 2015


Beginning on Monday, June 22, 2015, Fair Oaks Water District staff will be canvassing all of the neighborhoods within our District, delivering important information concerning the present-day water crisis.

Our staff will leave a packet on your door.  The packet will include several notices clarifying your role in conserving water, specific to Fair Oaks Water District requirements, and other information important to FOWD ratepayers.

Every FOWD employee will be identifiable by a visible badge bearing the District logo.  Due to the volume of notices being delivered, our staff will not attempt to make contact.  We hope you find the information in the packet helpful.

Look for your watering day magnet inside the packet!

Water Saving Tip

A little dirt wont hurt... californians dont waste

Water Efficiency Program

Did you know that we offer landscape and irrigation reviews that may help you save water?

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