Understanding Your Bill

Don’t forget to read BOTH sides of your bill or you might miss important information!

1 Account Information

This area displays your account number, property service address, date the invoice was mailed, billing cycle, and current billing due date. Please double-check the service address to verify that the payment corresponds to the correct property address, and note your account number if paying by check.

2 Special Message

Please read the information in the Message Box. This Message Box is where we provide important details about your account, FOWD programs and services, special notices, and upcoming changes. You can find it directly below the account information area of your statement.

3 Billing Detail

This area lists the service(s) provide, meter read information, and current water charges.

4 Account Activity

This area lists your previous balance, payments and other account activity, current water charges, amount currently due, and the penalty rate if paid after the bill’s due date.

5 Remittance Stub

Please tear off and return this section with your payment. The tear-off area lists the property service address, date the invoice was mailed, account number, and total amount due. Please note any changes to name and billing address on the back of this section.

Fair Oaks Water District – Billing Information

This information displays on the back of the billing statement and provides you with crucial billing information, including payment options, penalties, and collection fees. Please call us at (916) 967-5723 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or e‑mail Customer Service if you have any questions about your bill.

Paying Your Bill

We offer many options for payment:

FOWD Online Payments

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Water Efficiency Program

Did you know that we offer landscape and irrigation reviews that may help you save water?

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Customer Cost of Water

Assuming the average Fair Oaks Water District customer has a 1-inch water meter and uses 500 gallons of water a day, the following would be true given the Board approved rates for 2018:

  • Customers pay approximately 3/10¢ per gallon of water delivered to their property.
  • Customers pay approximately $1.51 per day for water delivered to their property.